Multi-Sport Fundamentals
Multi-Sport Fundamentals

Programmes are carefully designed and focus on improving gross motor skills, physical strength, social skills and self-esteem. Through creative instruction, customized sports equipment and positive encouragement, children have the opportunity to explore, discover, and participate in sport in a fun and exciting environment. Motor skills are then refined, rehearsed, and repeated to achieve maximum results.

· Children are introduced to the basic concepts of 8 core sports, and begin to explore new body movements and improve their coordination. (for N1)

· Teachers assist their children as Coaches introduce the class to concepts of turn-taking and sharing. (for N1)

· Coaches support children as they develop their confidence and learn to participate on their own.

· Children continue to develop their basic sport skills and are introduced to teamwork, problem-solving and sportsmanship.

• 3-4 key words implemented in skill instruction.


1. Develop movements, skills, and all around coordination associated with sports.

· Agility: Jumping, Running, Balance, Control, Awareness, Manipulation

· Coordination: Hand-Eye, Foot-Eye, Equipment Control (clubs, rackets, sticks, bats, and balls)

· Skills: Fundamental skills for 8 popular sports

2. Social Development: provide students with the tools and knowledge to know themselves and interact with peers

· Self Development: Evaluation, Motivation (wanting to do better and have the confidence and ability to do so), Confidence (instilling the “We Can Do It” attitude), Discipline (patience, turn taking, and controlling emotions through expression)

3. Generate and foster a love of sports and active living


Many are often misled into thinking that Atelier’s program focuses primarily on art.

However,art is in fact used as a tool for learning rather than art itself.

The objective of this programme is to engage children with symbolic representations (forms,shapes and images), like a visual language that convey meanings and relationships. With symbols, children construct meaning and ideas in “hundred languages”,using various expressions, in their unique blueprints. Think about A to Z in the English language or types of strokes and symbols in the Chinese, Japanese,Greek or Korean Languages, where people convey meanings and construct ideas with one another.

Chinese Speech & Drama
Chinese Speech & Drama

Through this programme, children will go through a series of activities like story-telling, performing Chinese play and Chinese tongue-twister. Children will develop a stronger interest in Chinese language and culture, understand Chinese, love Chinese and appreciate the complexities and intricacies of Chinese.

LE BO SHI (乐博士)
LE BO SHI (乐博士)

Le Bo Shi promotes “Inquiry-Based Science Education” for children’s lifelong development. The main objectives of this programme are to stimulate children’s imagination and creativity through hands on building bricks, help children to get in contact with important science principles, and encourage children to evaluate everyday objects around them.