Infant and Childcare Services


2 months to 18 months old


18 months – 6 years old

Our Curriculum

Rainbow Cove acknowledges that every child deserves the best. We aspire to nurture them to cultivate a love for learning. With these carefully crafted experiences, it will create opportunities for the child to develop holistically.

Our Environment

Environment acts like a “third teacher” as it invariably influence children’s ability in forming relationships as well as effectiveness in learning and playing. This is also the reason where we place strong emphasis in creating a safe, beautiful and nurturing haven for our little ones to explore and thrive in.

Healthy Eating

Rainbow Cove has been accredited as a Healthy Preschool Platinum Tier by Health Promotion Board (HPB) for providing healthier food and promoting healthy eating habits for the children.

Healthy Living Everyday


  • Our daughters have been at Rainbow Cove for the last 18 months and we have been very impressed with the quality of care and teaching they have received. Moving to Singapore from the UK was a stressful experience for two young children, but the staff at Rainbow Cove showed great kindness and care, and  helped our daughters to fully acclimatise to life in Singapore.

  • My daughter started going to Rainbow Cove infant care since 4 months old and is now in childcare. In my experience, the teachers are very hands on and my daughter learns very fast and always coming home with something new that she learnt from school. I feel the school is contributing in reaching her milestones in time. What I especially appreciate with Rainbow cove is they keep in close communication with parents. As a working parent, I feel I am involved with her learning journey and it brings joy and assurance us.