About Rainbow Cove

Our Mission

To create a warm, friendly and stimulating learning environment.

Our Vision

To cultivate our children to be life-long learners grounded in moral values.


Inside every child
is a rainbow waiting to shine

Rainbow Cove preschool allows the child to acquire knowledge at his own pace as we provide a range of constructive materials in a supportive classroom setting.

We aspire to nurture them to cultivate a love for learning as we provide a safe environment for children to explore the world around them. With these carefully crafted experiences, it will create opportunities for the child to develop holistically.

Infant Care

Children should be given the foundation to sparks their learning growth.

Rainbow Cove offers an array of engaging activities for infants between 2 months up to 18 months. We adopt Pikler approach and Erik Erikson’s principles into practices as we strongly recognise the importance of respectful trusting relationships between our educators and infants. Our programmes are designed in a way that helps stimulate your infant’s growth across multiple domains via intentional experiences created through experiential learning to enhance early neural and brain plasticity development.

Our Environment

The classroom at rainbow cove infant care is purposefully tailored to provide a safe and immersive haven for our little ones to explore and grow in. Carefully crafted with age-appropriate materials and facilities such as a designated diaper-changing area away from classrooms, we also have an indoor baby gym area where our infants enjoy crawling and climbing about a lot!

Healthy Eating

Eating well leads to doing well!

Rainbow Cove has been accredited as a Healthy Preschool Platinum Tier by Health Promotion Board (HPB) for providing healthier food and promoting healthy eating and lifestyle for the children.

Each and every of our meals are carefully selected and crafted with a variety of yummy and nutritious choices.


Rainbow Cove @ Alexandra Infant and Childcare

Our baby boy started at Rainbow Cove when he was five and a half months. I worked out a transition plan with the Principal, Ms Jay, to have his start slowly. During those days, I saw that the teachers were all very professional and, above all, they were very passionate. I could clearly witness that taking care of those babies was much more than just a job. After the second day, my new mom jitters were gone. Our baby boy always has a big smile on his face when he gets to school. It has been more than half a year now and I feel that I can’t say enough good things about our experience with Rainbow Cove. We are very thankful to all staff. As I said, every teacher, including the principal, is extremely patient, loving and caring. Every day children do lots of interesting activities to activate the children’s minds and body. This happened even when we had the lockdown in April/ May. There were online lessons and we were sent activities that children could complete at home. In addition, we are sent pictures and videos via WhatsApp of our babies almost daily. I truly appreciate the time invested in taking those pictures and videos because they make my day at work. Having such close communication with the teachers makes us feel more involved and at ease, reassuring us that our boy is happy, and he is learning new skills with his little friends. Last but not least, Rainbow Cove is very clean and safe. We feel very fortunate to have our son in such an environment! At Rainbow Cove our son gets the love and attention from a home daycare setting and the structure of a good school. We are happy to see our child flourish at Rainbow. I highly recommend this school to everyone!

~ from Isabel