The education of even a small child, there, does not aim at preparing him for school, but for life.

~Maria Montessori

At Rainbow Cove, the child is seen as a dynamic learner, filled with potential and desiring for opportunities and experiences to develop as a happy and confident individual. Therefore, Rainbow Cove has placed emphasis on the process of learning.

Our Curriculum is based on the progressive approaches to early childhood education today. Integrating Thematic Approach alongside Reggio Emilia Approach, this learning will create boundless opportunities for your child, as we aim to prepare them with the values of being a strong, capable and resilient individual with the love of lifelong learning.

The Curriculum for each term is specially curated to provision to the child’s needs and interest while providing them authentic opportunities to discover about themselves and making sense of the world around them.

Little Exploring Scientists

The minds of children stretch beyond imaginable ways. Their natural sense of adventure and curiosity are limitless. Science experiments are an incredibly effective means of getting children to interact with the natural world around them. As our Little Exploring Scientists continue to seek answers to the “how” and “why” in science, they are encouraged to be resilient problem solvers within their little minds.


One of the many languages of children is the presence of creativity. Let it flow and allow children to enjoy and take in the wonders of their creation: We will see works far beyond imaginable dimensions. Our D’Atelier programme engages children with unique symbolic representations of their imagination. With the symbols presented in their works, children construct meaning and ideas in distinctive representations, in their unique blueprints.

Little Gardeners
at Work

Planting and gardening are two wonderful and fascinating learning processes for the children. As they get hands-on in planting, growing, and caring for the living things in the garden, they will begin to develop an even greater sense of aesthetic appreciation for the little things growing around them.

Busy Little Chefs

Our Busy Little Chefs culinary class strives to establish the consciousness of a heathy and nutritious diet. The process of engaging in culinary experiences equips children with opportunities to be creative and at the same time, appreciate the fruits of their labour.

AR & VR lessons

Digitalizing education is generating new learning opportunities, as well as empowering children to acquire an intriguing ownership of how they learn.

Recognizing the imminent involvement and evolvement of Technology use, Rainbow Cove has been collaborating with the visualization lab in Nanyang Technological University (NTU). The collaboration created a series of AR and VR experiences that would take the children’s world beyond what is seen and touched. With the use of AR and VR in our curriculum, the children get to visualize and experience the abstract world unfolding within a fun and realistic experience

Practical Life (Montessori)

Practical Life in Montessori education are exercises where the children learn how to perform living activities in a purposeful way. It comprises of two main developmental areas: Care of self and care of the environment.

The aim of Practical Life exercises is to help the child gain control in the development of motor control and coordination.  Practical life exercises also enable the child to grow in independence, sense of responsibility, and adapt to the functions of the society.